, Updated February 10, 2018

A number of people like to use the Whatsapp app for a number of different tasks, including making phone calls, sending files and texts and just chatting. It has also become highly multi-platform, allowing you to use a number of different phones, such as Nokia Windows Devices, Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

Now you even have the option of using WhatsApp from your laptop or desktop computer. With the web client and standalone desktop client, you'll be able to use WhatsApp from just about any interface. Whether you're using Windows 8 or Mac OS X, you'll have no problem gaining access to WhatApp through either the desktop app or by simply opening up the website in your browser window. This is a great option when you want WhatsApp on more than just your phone.

Read on to learn about what these computer versions of WhatsApp can offer and how simple they are to use!

What Are The Differences Between The DeskTop Client And WhatsApp Web?

The WhatsApp App and browser version that you can access on the internet largely function the same. Both allow you to chat and send information while on your computer or gaming laptop. The main difference is the initial ease of access and the benefits you get on the app.

While the WhatsApp web version is easier to access, you do have to download the app version. Luckily, it's easy to download WhatsApp using the download link on their website. One of the benefits you get while using the app is the use of keyboard shortcuts to make things quicker. You can also set it up to send notifications to your desktop so you aren't missing anything.

It's your personal preference which option you decide to use. Overall, it may depend on how many computers you need to move between. If you have just one that you want to use with WhatsApp, then the desktop app is a great option. However, if you have to move between computers often then the web version is a great choice.

Using WhatsApp From Your Computer

It won't be long at all before you can use WhatsApp once you download it. All you have to do is pull the website up on your computer screen and select the option that matches your operating system, whether it's Mac or Windows. After you select the corresponding system, you'll get a​QR codeto scan for the download.

From that point, all you have to do is open up WhatsApp on your phone and select the option for settings, followed by the one that reads: WhatsApp Web/Desktop. You'll then be able to choose an option to scan the QR code.

Hold your phone up to the screen so it can scan the QR code, then let it do the rest.

On the other hand, if you just want to use the web version of WhatsApp for a computer, you only have to go to the WhatsApp link and get logged in.

More WhatsApp Details

Once you have WhatsApp installed, a whole new experience will open up to you. You'll have use of the microphone on your computer for recording and sending verbal messages to friends or clients. You'll also be able to use your webcam to take photos to send during chat.

Using the desktop version, you'll also be able to locate videos, documents or photos on your computer's hard drive that can also go into the chat interface. Both the desktop and web versions offer you more comfort and convenience due to being able to use your keyboard. However, you won't be able to add people from your address book, or send them invites to join WhatsApp. Aside from not being able to invite people, you also can't show them your location on a map.

If you have the WhatsApp App installed on your phone, then you'll have easy access to desktop and web versions. Wherever it is, WhatsApp will communicate with your phone so make sure you have access to a Wi-Fi Network. It also means that if you have your mobile device handy, you'll be able to do things using the mobile version that don't work on the web or desktop client.

While in earlier times, WhatsApp wasn't free, it now offers all its features at no cost. Before, there would be an annual $0.99 charge for Android and the same cost for iPhone users, but in a one-time-only format for the service. Now that a billion or more people are chatting and enjoying the app, it has opened up to allow for even more people to make use of it through the desktop client.

When it comes to being able to send files from your computer or voice-recorded messages through the interface, you'll want to make sure that the receiver also has the latest version of the desktop client to ensure things get through well. Once that is set up, feel free to record all the messages you want to send them.

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With such an easy ability to get and use the WhatsApp desktop application or web interface, there's no reason not to give yourself the ease of being able to use your keyboard. Interacting will be quicker, easier and allow you to enjoy a larger screen!

Final Words

WhatsApp is a fantastic way to stay in touch with others. Whether near or far, you'll be able to chat with friends in a free way with a lot of convenience. Over a billion people are already using the app, so there's no reason not to try it out!

Being able to connect to a web or desktop version of WhatsApp on your computer adds another layer of convenience. You'll be able to enjoy a larger screen and the typing comfort of your keyboard or gaming mouse. It's a simple installation process that works for several different kinds of phones and both Mac and PC computers. This will also give you a way to contact friends if you don't have your phone with you!

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