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Best Travel Routers 2020

Reliable WiFi is like a good friend to a frequent traveler. It lets you look-up the best destinations and activities, and share your adventure real time. It’s also helpful for mobile access to work. That’s why we think the best way to get connected to the web as you travel is by having a good travel router with you.

Just think of it.

If you’re checked-in somewhere with unreliable wireless internet, you don’t need to feel helpless. That’s because with a travel router on hand you can have better connection wherever you go. It gives your mobile devices and laptop the connection you need. Plus, instead of having to share public WiFi with others, you get a secured internet connection.

On top of a secure internet connection, travel routers provide extra storage too. With that, you can enjoy sharing files and streaming music to your devices as you please.

Battery CapacityConnection & PortsOther Key Features
RAVPower FileHub Plus6000mAhWireless, Ethernet, USB,SD CardReader• Supports DLNA
• Built-in powerbank
• AP Mode
• Router Mode
• Bridge Mode
HooToo Filehub, Wireless Travel Router, iPhone iPad Portable SSD Hard Drive Reader, Photo Backup Device, 10400mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger - TripMate TitanHooToo Wireless Travel Router10400mAhWireless, Network Cable, USB, SD Card• Router Mode
• Bridge Mode
• Four Port USB
• 10400mAH built-in powerbank
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Medialink Wireless Travel Router - 150Mbps - Pocket Sized Router with 1 Ethernet Port - Wireless Router Mode, Access Point Mode, Client/Repeater Mode - AC Powered Via Foldable PlugsMedialinkNAEthernet, 4 LAN Ports • Foldable AC plug
• AP Mode
• Bridge Mode
• Mobile phone controls
• Client/Repeater Mode
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TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR802N) - WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Mobile in PocketTP-Link N300 Nano RouterNAMicro-USB Port, Ethernet• Foldable AC plug
• AP Mode
• Bridge Mode
• Client/Repeater Mode
• Pre-encryption function
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Antop Outdoor Indoor TV Antenna, 360 Omnidirection HDTV Antenna with 4G LTE Filter and 2 Way Amplifier Booster - 4K Local Channels Broadcast for All Types of Smart Digital TelevisionGL.iNet GL-MT300ANADual Ethernet Ports, Micro SD, Wireless• Open Source and programmable
• Open VPN client and TOR
• Wireless Mode
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TRENDnet AC750 Wireless Dual Band Travel Router, Share a Single Internet Connection with Multiple Users, WPS for Security, Plug & Play, WISP, AP, Repeater Mode, TEW-817DTRTRENDnet TEW-817DTRNAWireless, Ethernet• Interchangeable plugs
• Wireless Mode
• Router Mode
• AP Mode
• WISP Mode
• Client/Repeater Mode
• Onboard toggle switch for modes
• Pre-Encrypted Wireless
• IPv6 Support
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GL.iNet GL-AR300M Mini VPN Travel Router, Wi-Fi Converter, OpenWrt Pre-Installed, Repeater Bridge, Hotspot, 300Mbps High Performance, 128MB Nand Flash, 128MB RAM, OpenVPN, Programmable IoT GatewayGL.iNet GL-AR300M Mini Travail RouterNADual Ethernet Ports, Wireless, USB• Open Source and programmable
• Open VPN client and TOR
• Large storage extension
• Client/Repeater Mode
• Internal 128MB RAM
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With the RAVPower FileHub Plus, you get a three-in-one travel gadget: a multimedia player, wireless router, and powerbank.

As a multimedia player, it can read media from an SD card or external hard drive (with up to 4T in capacity). Then as a wireless router, it converts an internet connection via Ethernet Cable or WiFi and broadcasts its signal wirelessly. Finally, it has a built-in 6000mAh battery that can serve as a power bank to charge other mobile devices.

You can use the RAVPower as a personalized wireless router by connecting it to your hotel-provided internet connection. Once on, it has the ability to convert a wired connection into a wireless connection. However, it provides extended wireless connectivity with extra security. Therefore, you get a secure connection for your mobile devices (including Chromecast) when streaming or sharing photos and videos.

Meanwhile, it also has a built-in MTK762N chip providing the greatest performance for your software and hardware. Additionally, it maintains the most updated firmware.

Moreover, this router supports PPPoE, dynamic IP and static IP signals supporting any connection type. This means you can keep connections with any hotel, Airbnb property, or other travel stops.

Some feel that its web interface isn’t user friendly. May be best to use the app for it. A few of users  had problems with keeping connectivity to the WiFi network.

  • Easy to set-up and user manual provides clear, easy to follow instructions with pictures
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Connects up to 5 devices
  • High performance for streaming and file transfers
  • 6000mAh battery capacity
  • Supports 802.11BGN
  • App and web interface could be better
  • Inconsistency in WiFi connection stability

You’re getting a device with 3 functions and impressive performance with the RAVPower FileHub. Plus, it’s hard not to like this travel gadget. Its multiple functions and connectivity easily make it standout against other travel routers on the market.

In addition to its standard features, it also performs well in power and performance, making it our pick for best over-all.

Another multi-functioning router, the Hoo Too, comes with multiple connectivity options, a large file sharing capacity, and 10400mAh battery power.

As a router, it gives you different connection modes. First, it can convert a wired internet connection into WiFi while in AP Mode. You can also create/expand a standard Wi-Fi network to your device while in Bridge mode. Finally, you can use it like a regular router through its Ethernet port.

Additionally, this router has the MTK7620 chipset in its design. This supports great speeds as you get connected online.

Meanwhile, its other features are pretty impressive too. You get a 4-port USB hub and flash drive slot allowing you to host/transfer files among multiple devices.

Plus, when it comes to power, this router doesn’t disappoint at all.  With its 10400mAH portable battery, you get enough power to charge up any device for more than twice over.

Some users received a defective product that didn’t perform to its specification. However, HooToo was able to reach out proactively and resolve their concern/offer a refund. A few users aren’t happy with the app’s interface and performance.

  • Multiple functionality
  • Multiple connection options
  • 10400mAh battery capacity
  • 4-port USB hub capability
  • App and web interfaces need to be improved.
  • A little bulky but makes up for it through a stand-up design.

Just as we saw the benefits of a multi-functional router in the RAVPower FileHub Plus, the HooToo delivers the same. The combination of power, connection options and storage is definitely attractive.

The HooToo only loses a bit to the FileHub when it came to design, connection power, and internet speed. It also supports a standard 802.11n connection vs. the 802.11 BGN by the FileHub.

Overall though, it’s not too far behind other travel routers and it’s still a highly recommended buy, making it our runner-up.

The Medialink wireless travel router makes it asour favorite low priced, pocket-friendly choice. See, when we say low-priced, you won’t pay more than what you’d pay for a good lunch for two.

What can this 2-ounce pocket travel router do?

For one, it gets you a secure internet connection with an 802.11n network and rendering up to a standard 150Mbps in speed.  It’s great for covering small areas and enough for your hotel room or dorm room.

Medialink gets you connected in 3 ways.  In AP Mode, you can create your own secure wireless network from a wired one with password-protected access. On the other hand, if you’re getting shaky Wi-Fi signal from your hotel room or house, you can use it as a repeater. This way, it extends the existing wireless signal so you can get better coverage. Finally, in AP Mode you can connect via Ethernet to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to your area.

Another great thing about this little router is that you can get to the setup in a cinch. You can easily set it up through the router settings interface using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. No need for an app to manage settings and it’s easy as pie.

Now, the Medialink gets an unlimited supply of power from a foldable AC plug. This means, however, that mobility is a bit more limited to stay-in spots vs. on the road connectivity.

Its low budget pricing gives you enough to get you connected. However, features like built-in storage, streaming multimedia, or on the go charging for a smartphone aren’t part of its package.

Some users say they have to sit next to the router to get good signal. A few customers received defective units that broke after a day or two of use.

  • 3 connection modes
  • Supports up to 150Mbps in speed
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Unable to switch between modes
  • Features are limited to connectivity alone
  • Doesn’t support open source firmware

If you’re looking for something that’s compact and simple for a secure connection as you travel, the Medialink is perfect for you.

Small but powerful, the pocket-friendly TP-Link N300 gives as much as 300Mbps in WiFi Speed. In addition, you get continuous video streaming and/or online gaming without lagsthrough 2.4GHz band connection. Yet another plus is that the N300 is also compatible with Google Chromecast.

The N300 gets you connected through repeater mode, router mode, as well ashotspot, client and AP modes. You can get it powered up through its microUSB port, which can be plugged directly using your charger plug or your laptop. After that, installation is quite intuitive.

If you’re looking to share with your travel buddies too, its WISP access point supports multiple users. And they can get connected if they’re in a separate adjacent room. As for portability, the N300 is ultra-light at 7.2 oz. while being small enough to fit your pocket. It’s definitely not a bulky gadget.

Some users needed firmware to get it working on Client Mode. A number of users had difficulty setting it up. Unable to work on two connection modes at a time.

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Supports high-speed internet
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Compatible with Google Chromecast
  • Pre-encryption provides initial SSID and password
  • Can only work on one mode at a time
  • No extra features for mobile convenience like a powerbank feature.

Considering its tiny size, useful features, and not too large price, the TP-Link N300 Nano Travel Router is a good buy. And with its 300Mbps supported speed over a 2.4GHz band connection, it’s easily our pick for Best in Range.

If you’re traveling with more security specific needs for your connection, this pocket-sized router weighing only 1.41-ounce will give you that and more. Size and functionality make it a truly portable travel gadget.

You can get the MT300A powered via a 5V DC Adapter or a USB cord plugged into a power bank or a laptop. From there, you can get a secure internet connection wirelessly. It turns the hotel or office wired network connection into your own private WiFi connection. Plus, you don’t need to pay the hotel an extra fee for connecting multiple devices asthe device itself supports multiple devices.

Why the best in security?

Well, the MT300A provides an added level of security through 20+ VPN providers that can be used for securely masking your connection. That’s on top of open VPN and Tor Client. But it doesn’t end there.  This device also ensures privacy in your connection with its downloadable TOR firmware. How’s that for security?

Meanwhile, more than just security, you also get a 128MB RAM giving you faster performance Plus,  its Onboard storage of up to 16GB that helps in securely transferring or sharing files and multimedia.

If secure performance and storage aren’t enough, you also get two Ethernet ports to support multiple connections and a microSD card for file storage and sharing on top of your 16GB.

Some customers had troublewith the router shutting down after updating firmware. A number of customers had defective units delivered to them twice.

  • 128MB RAM
  • 16GB onboard storage + extendable with micro SD card
  • Open VPN and Tor Client
  • 3G/4G USB modem compatible
  • Open Source and programmable
  • Two Ethernet ports
  • Light-weight and pocket-sized
  • Detachable antennae could be either a pro or a con depending on user preference.
  • Quirky software can lead to product shutdown if you get it wrong. Best to get support.

Overall, this router packs a good amount of connection power but at the same time offers the best protection you canget online. But more than that, it also gives you high performance and a huge amount of storage for your files as you travel.

Blazing the internet over fast speeds, the TRENDnet TEW-817DTR is a super speed demon on the track of connections. Ever imagined up to 433Mbps Wi-Fi on your pocket router? The TRENDnet makes it happen over 802.11ac connections. Meanwhile, if you’re on standard 802.11n connections, you still get a good 300 Mbps of speed.

Despite that power though its lightweight (less than 1lb), compact, and portable. Plus, it comes with interchangeable plugs compatible with North America, Europe, U.K sockets.

Apart from being the fastest travel wireless router, it’s also fast when it comes to setup time. So you can enjoy that great speed and stream video, photos, and music within minutes of setup.

Moreover, you can connect your smartphone, TV, media player, or DLNA-device (including Google Chromecast) through different connection modes.  This includes the wireless mode, router mode, WISP, AP Mode, and a Client/Repeater Mode.

Mostly positive reviews, but one customer felt the user interface could be better.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • The best internet speeds
  • Easy to set-up (even for non-computer savvy users)
  • Multiple connection modes
  • Supports DLNA-devices
  • 3-year warranty
  • User interface could be better
  • No extra functions (storage, powerbank)

TRENDnet’s the name if speed is what you need for your game (or browsing and streaming). It comes out on top when it comes to speed packed in a light and portable design. Hence, our pick for Best in Speed.

300Mbps of internet speed, an internal 128MB of RAM, and more importantly an open-source nature, make the GL.iNet GL-AR300M our Best Value travel router.

Just look at how it provides a faster connection speed than most routers. Plus, since it’s open-source and programmable you can expand it for use from webcams to USB disks.

Have a need for higher speed? Just add $20 for an external antenna to get a wider or more stable network. Plus, you get all that packed with a built-in VPN.

It may not have the power bank of the HooToo travel router, but this pocket powerhouse has more to offer. It gives you good speed, a larger storage capacity, the security of VPN, and finally, an expandable capability.

A few users had problems with keeping a stable connection.

  • Open source and programmable
  • VPN and TOR
  • 128MB RAM
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • 6MB NOR Flash + 128M NAND dual flash
  • Supports 300Mbps speed
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No power bank capability

GL.iNet GL-AR300M Mini Travel Router has the speed, functionality, and storage capacity you’ll want in a router, all at a good price. What makes it an even a better fit for the Best in Value label is its open source nature paired with a VPN security feature. Considering all that it offers for the price, it makes a really good buy.


The best travel router is one that is pocket-friendly but is at the same time packed with best features. It proves that something small and light can still be packed with speed, power, and great security functions.  See, even the most budget-friendly travel router supports a 150Mbps standard connection without disappointing.

Now, theRAVPower FileHub Plus comeson top because it’s compact, portable, and has multiple functions. Connection-wise, you can connect 5 wireless devices (and pay your hotel for only one connection) supporting an802.11BGN network.  Plus, it has useful features that helpwith everything from storage to charging your devices, even when you’re outside your hotel.

Have other suggested travel routers we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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