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Floor Standing Speakers

Whether you're shopping for your living room or bedroom, floorstanding speakers can create the ideal audio experience. The general design of this most popular speaker type also allows for manufacturers to fit more speakers inside of a smaller space. As a result, you get a perfect audio experience.

A good sound system can also leave your neighbors and friends jealous as you enjoy the perfect theater-going experience. The right purchase of one of these heart-pumping anchors can also add the best parts of theater experiences directly into your home. To help you with achieving your greatest audio experience, shop for the best floorstanding speakers using this handy list as your guide!

Product ImageNameRatingInformation 
ELAC (DF51-BK) - Debut F5 Tower Speakers (Each)ELAC Debut F5 Tower Speakers4.2/5Weight: 32.8lbs
Channels: 2
Height: 38 Inches
Warranty: 3 Years
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Polk Audio T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single) - Amazing Sound | Dolby and DTS SurroundPolk Audio T504.7/5Weight: 20.4lbs
Height: 36.2 Inches
Warranty: 5 Years
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Yamaha Audio NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker - Each (Black)Yamaha’s NS-F2104.6/5Weight: 16.1lbs
Height: 41.31 Inches
Warranty: 2 Years
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Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speaker - Each (Cherry)Polk Audio TSi5004.7/5Weight: 45lbs
Channels: 2
Height: 45 Inches
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SHARPER IMAGE Premium Bluetooth Tall Tower Stereo Speaker with LED Lights, Built-In FM Radio, Docking and Charging Station (Red)SHARPER IMAGE Premium Bluetooth Tall Tower4.5/5Weight: 12lbs
Height: 40.5 Inches
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Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing Speakers (Pair)Onkyo SKF-48004.5/5Weight: 72.8lbs
Channels: 2
Height: 40.62 Inches
Warranty: 1 Year
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Fluance Signature HiFi 3-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers with Dual 8' Woofers for 2-Channel Stereo Listening or Home Theater System - Black Ash/Pair (HFF)Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-way Floorstanding4.4/5Weight: 62.4lbs
Channels: 2
Height: 47.24 Inches
Warranty: Lifetime
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Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker - Black Ash (Each)Klipsch RF-82 II4.4/5Weight: 70.99lbs
Channels: 2
Height: 43.9 Inches
Warranty: 1 Year
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Elac - Debut F6, Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Black - Each/Single)ELAC Debut F64.4/5Weight: 100.6lbs
Height: 43 Inches
Warranty: 3 Years
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Overall, many of these floorstanding speakers are quite highly rated, meaning you can trust in what they provide. In addition, there is quite a range in potential warranty lengths that you can expect, so consider which option would work best for you. Finally, The height and weight can give you an idea of how easy these will be to move and keep in various spots within yout home.

Best Floor Standing Speakers

Due to fantastic performance, the ELAC Debut F5 will have you wanting to stay home and watch films every weekend. Each of these speakers is made with a gorgeous black vinyl finish, and the fiberboard design is solid and well-built. It also offers three 5.25-inch drivers, the uppermost of which having its own separate chamber as well as a 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

In addition, the F5 includes a solid black metal clip that does a great job securing the rear of the speaker to a nearby wall. Because of this, it's able to remain safe and prevent tipping over during an earthquake or otherwise potentially falling on a nearby child. Due to a convenient mid-range price tag, you'll find that the F5 is able to provide sound rivaling that in a live orchestra performance or concert hall.

Furthermore, the F5 is a great option for those who are looking for something that can fill up a small room with excellent bass lines, low-frequency and mid-range dynamics. At a mere 36 inches tall, the F5 will surely be able to impress you with its near faultless design and impressive sound experience. It also offers a speaker containing it's own bass port to provide the upper harmonics and increased bass that so many crave.

Overall, with great features like these, it's hard to go wrong with what the F5 can provide. In addition, for those looking to hit every point in a larger room, pairing this speaker with a dedicated subwoofer can create amazing results for the price point. Adding on to a device like this might increase the price tag some, but it also multiplies what it can offer. It's well worth the cost!

While many enjoy these speakers and the sound they produce, there can be some issues with the overall build quality, or some customers may find that the speakers have arrived broken.

  • Designed to perform beyond the price point.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Highly affordable cost.
  • Some customers may find that the build quality isn’t ideal.
  • In some cases, the product can arrive damaged.

These speakers are able to add many benefits to your home stereo system and they come at a great price!

For those who are in search of a quality home theater system made with budget-friendly pieces, the Pole Audio T50 is a fantastic option. It's a perfect floor-oriented speaker that contain's Polk's T series features such as sound-quality-minded construction and well-researched acoustics. It also offers a cabinet with a sleek black oak finish that really leaves the device looking great.

In addition, each speaker contains a speaker arrangement that includes four different cones, made up of a main horn with a 6.5” “extended throw” composite driver, a one-inch silk tweeter for sparkling highs and two more 6.5” sub-bass speakers. With this sound forward design, the speaker is made to be rather acoustically inert, able to assist the lower end as well as the highs while still allowing you to save a few bucks.

Furthermore, this speaker is made using furniture-grade MDF, which adds to the great background that comes with a Polk Audio device. It's also created with a cool speaker configuration that you can display by removing the front grill, allowing you to hone the overall look of your project. Each unit also weighs about 20.35lbs and takes up a space of about 7.75 x 8.75 x 36.25 inches, making it pretty easy to move around as you need.

Overall, the T50 is an affordable unit, presenting itself as a powerful one hundred watt tower speaker capable of 6-Ohms. It's accentuated with a great overall design and highly budget-friendly cost.

Alongside the price point, there can be some issues with quality that can occur, resulting in receiving a damaged or otherwise nonworking device.

  • Provide excellent value.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Tend to be well-balanced for the price point.
  • Can sometimes arrive in a nonworking condition.
  • In some cases, they can shut off at random.

If you're looking for some great looking speakers at a lower cost, this is a great way to go.

Yamaha's NS-F210 is an ideal option for those who want something lean enough to fit well in smaller rooms. This compact floorstanding speaker is also a great way to maximize space, making it perfect for smaller rooms. The extremely slim design is also made with undersized drivers, making it a fantastic sounding floorstanding speaker package that comes at a budget-price.
While typically, larger choices in this particular category tend to be better because they offer more space for powerful equipment, you can't go wrong with the Yamaha for a smaller space. Because of a 7/8” balance dome tweeter and dual 3-1/8” woofers, these speakers offer a modern design that fit well into most small rooms. Because of the lean and small-room capable design, they can work very well with a flatscreen TV.
Many users also find that Yamaha's slim 41” tower may not be able to produce those huge bass notes, or a fully earth-shattering sound from the aforementioned undersized drivers. However, for those who have a smaller space and want something in a lower price range that still sounds good, the Yamaha is a fantastic option.

While many find these speakers to be great additions to their setup, some may find that they don't quite pack the punch they were expecting.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Well-balanced sound.
  • Built from quality materials.
  • May not be as powerful as customers expect.
  • Some customers can find that the sound is somewhat tinny.

For those who only need enough sound power for a smaller space, these are a great solution.

For those who want the best, this Polk Audio Tsi500 takes up the best-sounding spot on this list. While this brand is often known for more budget-friendly level speakers, these are certainly part of the high-end pack. To begin with, these speakers are made with furniture-like MDP that is available in multiple colors including rich cherry wood and high-gloss black piano finish.
While typically, Polk is known as a brand that provides decent quality consumer audio at an affordable cost, the Tsi500 speakers really bring in the “wow” factor with its great specs. It's also made with the standard 1-inch silk dome tweeter that you're likely to find on most speakers out there. However, the four woofers (bi-laminte) that are located in the warm tower made from an organic material are what really create the high-powered, impressive playback.
In addition, you'll be able to hear and enjoy full, loud sound without the unfriendly crunch that can often be a sign of distortion due to the Dynamic Balance technology in the Tsi500. The enclosure on the speaker is also made to contain quarter-inch baffles that will help to dampen out any potential artificial acoustic resonance. Furthermore, the laser-tested Klippel motor is designed to offer optimized and accurate performance as well as a great frequency response range.
Overall, the Tsi500 is a solidly built device that is able to create sound up and down the spectrum straight out of the factory. With an acceptable size and fat, rubberized feet you'll be able to trust that the speaker is braced against not only tipping, but also unwanted frequencies that can sometimes be transferred through the floorboards. You'll get virtually the entire variety of sounds available, albeit at a higher cost than other options out there.

Most of the customers who try out these speakers have come to love the power they offer, however there can be some issues with them arriving in a damaged condition due to shipping.

  • Great sound quality.
  • Slim design.
  • Offer excellent bass.
  • Can arrive in damaged condition.
  • There can be issues with breakages.

If you are a big fan of great sound, these are going to be the ideal speakers for you.

For those on the hunt for convenience and connectivity, the Sharper Image speaker is a great solution. It may not offer what can be determined as studio level audio or large name sound, but it's great for those who want an easy plug and play option. From about 30 feet away, you can get standard Bluetooth connectivity as well as a device stand for your tablet or phone, which can be great as a screen for karaoke!
These features also make it ideal for parties. The sound and fancy LED lights allow it to play music while putting on a show. The “plug” part is also optional, as you won't need an aux input in order to use the device as a premium speaker. At a mere 12 pounds, it's also portable and easy to move from place to place for pop-up parties.
Without the need for an amp or external receiver, you'll also enjoy easy onboard FM radio with this speaker. For when you need to charge devices, there's also a convenient USB input, which adds to why this device is listed as having the best connectivity. Furthermore, for those looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy their favorite playlists via Bluetooth, this speaker offers a lot of ability in a convenient 7.5 x 9 x 40.5-inch package.

It's important to keep in mind that alongside the lower cost, there can be some issues with Bluetooth connectivity or overall sound quality that take place with this device.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lights can be turned on and off.
  • Capable of charging devices while playing them.
  • Bluetooth mode can make an odd clicking noise.
  • Not all customers enjoy the sound quality.

If you're looking for something that is able to provide decent Bluetooth connectivity, this is a fantastic option.

These two-way bass, floor-standing speakers come at a wallet-friendly price, making them a great addition to an existing stereo system. The Onkyo SKF-480 are also sold as part of a pair, which is great for those who want one price for two pieces. In addition, each speaker is 11.1-inches wide and 40-inches tall, so it's important to make sure this sizing will complement your other pieces well.
Furthermore, these 12-inch deep speakers work very well if you're looking to start an entire surround sound system and need speakers that can work as the basis. Due to the Onkyo speakers, you'll be able to get a maximum input power of 130W, a 1” soft-dome tweeter and twin 6.3-inch cone woofers. Due to these features, you'll be able to get a great audio experience overall.
You'll also find that these speakers feature a bass port housed within the rear panel as well as 11.5-feet long speaker cables in the form of stripped bare wires or pins, banana plugs and connector ports. Weighing in at a mere 28.7 pounds each, you'll easily be able to get them into place as a result of the lightness. Overall, many who have used these speakers have found that they offer a warm, clean and detailed sound quality without any overcompensation.

There are many who find these speakers to be fantastic, but others may find the sound to be more muffled than they'd like.

  • Come at an affordable cost.
  • Provides sharp, crisp sound.
  • Excellent clarity.
  • Some customers can find the sound to be muffled.
  • Some may find that these speakers only work well as part of a larger system.

If you're looking for something that comes at a decent cost and provides a high level of quality, these are a great option.

Many find that the construction, quality of the sound and price in combination can place these Fluance floor speakers into a “reasonable category” for many of the everage buyers out there. This pair of speakers contain balanced silk tweeters made of neodymium, one-inch in size and ferrofluid, which is used by the company to keep them cool. In a own dedicated chamber inside the cabinet, there is also a five-inch glass fiber, woven cone, which is designed to handle all the midrange sounds.
In addition, a pair of quality 8” subwoofers allow for the speakers to provide a 35Hz, undistorted kick of truly commanding sound power. They also carry a clear sound, making them perfect to match the rumbling of an intense action movie. Furthermore, the 200 watts of power handling and 89 dB sensitivity allow these speakers to keep your needs covered. On a continuous basis, you'll also be able to expect a solid 90 watts of power.
Each tower comes at a pretty decent size, with measurements of 47.24 x 10.9 x 15.4 inches as well as a compatibility that sits on the 8-ohm level. Because of that, they are going to work well with most home stereo systems. In addition, they are engineered with a slightly dampened rear bass port so you won't need to worry about too much of a ring in the right bass resonance. Overall, Fluance is a great way to go if you're looking for a high-quality splurge!

Though most greatly enjoy these speakers, some find that they arrive in a broken condition.

  • Heavy-duty build.
  • Provide excellent value.
  • Fantastic sound quality once they warm up.
  • In some cases they can arrive damaged.
  • Some customers may find that the mid-area sound quality may not be what they expect.

If you're looking to splurge on a high quality set of speakers, this is a great way to go!

If you're looking for superior sound, the Klipsch RF-82 II speakers are a top choice! They're designed with a unique combination of dual eight-inch high-output woofers and a 1” titanium tweeter that is horn-loaded to offer the ideal amount of clarity and sound precision as a result. You'll also be able to enjoy loud sound thanks to Klipsch's Tractix technology.
In addition to a gorgeous build from vinyl wood grain exterior, the RF-82 is great for a good-sized room in just about any placement setup. It also offers a lot of power made up of fantastic dynamic peaks and the best highlights for crisp listening. This effortless power allows you to enjoy the sound at very high volumes without a change in the quality as a result.
At 9.5 inches wide, 16.25 inches deep and 43.6 inches tall, the RF-82 is also a relatively short and slim option that will be able to fit into a setup pretty easily. The claw-style feet also offer a great appearance in just about any floor. In just about any room, the RF-82 can make for a great feature while consuming less power than some other options out there.

For those who are on a tighter budget, these speakers can present a more expensive option that might not be suitable for everyone.

  • Clear, rich sound.
  • Great addition to gaming setups.
  • Come with great customer service.
  • Units can sometimes arrive damaged.
  • On the more expensive end.

For those who are looking for speakers that are able to provide a lot of value for the cost, these are certainly worth a look.

From the home Pioneer to this great ELAC speaker, Andrew Jones is a rather relevant name in speaker systems. For those who are looking for a great upgrade to the F5, this presents a great option when it comes to affordable speaker sets. With a better sound quality than many of the competing brand options out there such as KEF and SVS, it's hard to go wrong with the F6.
Due to the superb tonal range and knockdown price, the F6 is a great option for those looking for excellent home theater speakers. While it may not be a closed ecosystem, many find that these ELAC speakers offer better sound than many other products out there. In addition to a classy package, you really get a lot from the F6 model.
Connected with a decent amplifier, this pair of speakers can really turn the overall ability way up. Also, make sure to keep in mind that the recommended paired amp power is 20-300W-8Ω. The power offered by the F6 makes it a lot of fun, and without a doubt the greatest leap since ELAC's F5 model. With a sensitivity of 87dB, this option really has a great value compared to other models out there.

This is truly an option for those who have the money to spare on a great surround sound setup. However, it may not be ideal for those on a tight budget.

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Great price point.
  • Highly responsive.
  • One of the more expensive options.
  • For the best equipment, you need to pair it with very high quality equipment.

This is the ideal option for those who want the best of the best.

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