, Updated June 29, 2018
Best Air Printers 2020

The evolution of digital products and services continue to take us to the next level. However, while developments gear towards a paperless environment, we’re not completely there yet. This means a printer still has its place in a business environment or home.

When it comes to printing nowadays, an AirPrint ready printer offers wondrous convenience. After all, wireless is the future, so plugs and wires are starting to decrease in latest tech. With AirPrint devices, Apple users on Mac or any iOS device (be it an iPad or iPhone) can print wirelessly. This tech allows wireless connection to the printer via WiFi without the need for a direct connection.

So if you’re ready to go wireless, check out our picks for the best AirPrint printers on the market.

PrinterPrint SpeedInput CapacityOther Features 
HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer with Wireless & Mobile Printing, Works with Alexa (CZ992A)HP OfficeJet 250Black: 10ppm
Color: 7ppm
50 sheets• 600 dpi scan resolution
• Energy star
• 10-sheet auto-document feeder
• HP auto wireless connect
• Flexible power options
• Compact with wireless power option
• Scroll scanning
• Borderless printing
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HP Deskjet 1112 Compact Printer (F5S23A)HP DeskJet 2655Black: 7.5ppm
Color: 5.5ppm
60 sheets• HP InstantInk ready
• Scan and Copy function
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Canon Selphy CP1200 Black Wireless Color Photo PrinterSelphy CP12004x6 photo: 7 secondsInk Paper Kit good for: 18,36 or 54 photos• Multiple connectivity options
• Photo printing
• Overcoat on prints
• Portable printer
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Canon PIXMA iP110Black: 9ppm
Color: 5.8ppm
50 sheets• Flexible power options
• Compact with wireless power option
• Compatible with 802.11b/g and n
• 1pl technology
• Photo printing
• Full HD Movie print
• Borderless printing
Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer with AirPrint and Cloud Compatible, Black, 23.0” (W) x 12.3” (D) x 6.3” (H)Canon Pixma iX6820Black: 14.5ppm
Color: 10.4ppm
Photo: 0.6min/page
150 sheets• Fine print head tech
• Auto-document feeder
• Compatible with 802.11b/g and n
• Full HD Movie print
• Borderless printing
• Quiet mode
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Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDW, Wireless Networking, Automatic Duplex Printing, Mobile Printing, Cloud printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready,WhiteBrother HL-L8360CDWBlack: 33ppm
Color: 33ppm
250 sheets• Touchscreen display
• Expandable paper tray
• Security features
• Low-cost printing
• Integrated NFC card reader
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Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer, Monochrome, Wireless Connectivity, Two-Sided Printing, Mobile Device Printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment ReadyBrother HL-L2340DWBlack: 26ppm250 sheets• One line LCD display
• Security features
• Monochrome
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We’ve featured a mix of different compact and portable printers on our picks. This includes a wide range of printing speeds and capacity that fits personal to business use. Meanwhile, while price range is also wide in our choices, we’ve included the best in value that would fit different needs.

If you’re looking for an excellent all-in-one portable printer, you can’t miss the HP OfficeJet250. Apart from a built-in AirPrint feature, the OfficeJet 250 has scan and copy functions with an automatic 10-page document feeder. Moreover, it has a 50-sheet overall paper capacity and easily portable weighing only 6.5lbs.

Meanwhile, measuring 14.3” x 7.32” x 2.7”, the OfficeJet250 doesn’t take up too much space. Additionally, it has a simple design and features a 2.65” color touchscreen. Here, you can access menu selections and manage settings or opt to do this via the HP ePrint app. The app, is available for both Android and iOS.

As for printing speed, this model prints at 10ppm (pages per minute) in black color and 7ppm in color on AC power. Meanwhile, on battery it prints at 9ppm in black and 6ppm in color. Plus, it has an external battery that gives you about 90 minutes of use.

While Apple hardware users enjoy the benefits of AirPrint, Android owners can still enjoy wireless printing via WiFi Direct. Both wireless tech supports mobile printing for both Apple and Android users.

Some users had problems with the printer feed and connectivity while on battery mode (outside their home). However, multiple factors could affect this. But if you ever have a defective unit, you can make use of its one-year warranty.

  • Portable and compact for an all-in-one printer
  • Great print and scanning quality
  • Simple and sleek design
  • On the expensive side though worth the spend

Overall, for a portable printer, the HP OfficeJet 250 is definitely an excellent choice. For one, an all-in-one printer providing a complete feature set where other compact printers would be lacking. It renders quality prints, has good scanning performance while working on a fair speed and printing cost for personal use.

For a budget-friendly printer, the HP DeskJet 2655 surprises with all-in-one functions including printing, scanning and copying.  Plus, it has an AirPrint feature allowing printer owners access to wireless printing. It’s one option you definitely can’t miss if you’re on a budget.

To add to its budget-friendly price tag, the DeskJet 2655 also has affordable ink refill options. This makes it a total affordable wireless printing choice since you save on both the unit and printing cost. You have the option to subscribe to HP’s InstantInk service to get up to 50% in savings on ink refills.

While the DeskJet 2655 only weights 7lbs, it has a fair 25-sheet capacity while also supporting multiple paper sizes. These include letter size, legal size, 8R photo printing and no.10 envelopes. Meanwhile, printing speed isn’t the fastest with 5.5ppm on color and 7.5ppm on black, however, still great considering its price.

Finally, you can get it up and running with a hassle-free setup for both Mac computers and non-iOS devices. See, while its AirPrint ready for Mac, the HP all-in-one printer remote app supports wireless printing for Android.

Some users had problems with printer performance after a number of months of use. However, this unit does come with a one year warranty and provides 24/7 support.

  • Compact size and portable
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Low running costs
  • Multi-featured: including an ADF, Auto-duplexer along with scan and copy functions.
  • Slow printing speed

The DeskJet 2655 priced at around sub-$50 makes an excellent choice for a budget printer considering its full-featured packaged. It offers good quality prints, an all-in-one function and great savings on printing cost for a budget price. Moreover, it features ADF and auto-duplexing, not a common feature for budget printers.

Compact, portable and full-featured, all this definitely makes it one of the best value printers on the market. It may not be a good option for business use, but perfect for light usage and personal use.

Looking for the best dedicated photo printer? Then you can’t miss Canon’s Selphy CP1200. Whether you’re a professional or a casual photographer, you’ll find something to appreciate in this portable photo printer.

The CP1200 supports more than just photo printing. It can print card size prints,(2.1” x 3.4”), postcards (3.9” x 5.8”),L size prints (3.5” x 4.7”) and even square labels (2”x2”). This makes it a versatile, AirPrint-ready photo printer. Moreover, you have the option to purchase a specialized tray to print 4R photos if you like.

The CP1200 also tends to surprise in quality considering its size. It’s one of the most compact printing machines weighing only 1.9lbs. This design makes it perfect for travel and on-the-go printing. It’s small enough to fit a medium sized purse and definitely leaves enough room in backpack, overnight bag or suitcase.

This printer comes with an ink+paper kit, which can print between 18 to 55 photos depending on print size. Moreover, many users enjoy how they can print memories from Facebook or Instagram via the Selphy app. This app, allows easy pairing of devices for AirPrint.

Meanwhile, power wise, the optional extra battery is good for about 54 prints from one 4-hour charge.

A number of users encounter a paper loading error after some time of use. However, many users found that cleaning the machine’s rolling parts resolves this error. Canon’s support page provides detailed instructions and pictures to troubleshooting this.

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Good variety of photo printing sizes and options
  • Good print quality
  • Extra cost to getting a battery pack
  • Slow printing performance on Wireless

Overall, the CP1200 makes a good photo printing solution that you can easily carry on your backpack. Moreover, it is versatile, and provides quality prints easily managed through a simple control panel. It may be a bit pricey but offers good value for what it offers when it comes to photo printing.

The compact and sleek, the Canon PIXMA iP110 is an excellent choice for a portable AirPrint-ready printer. This portable inkjet printer weighs only 4.3lbs yet has a 50-sheet capacity, making it perfect for on-the-go prints. Then, for true portability, you can opt to get a battery pack good for about 240 to 290 sheets of prints depending on connection used.

The iP110 provides excellent convenience rendering fantastic image quality with a lighter weight and compact size. You get terrific print results with a maximum color dpi of 9600 x 2400. This makes it a perfect printer for photos and documents alike.

Meanwhile, printing with the iP110 is versatile, covering borderless 4R photo prints to 8.5x11” paper size. However, print speed on this machine isn’t the fastest, printing 9ppm on black and 53 seconds for a 4R photo.

In addition to great quality prints, you can enjoy hands-free printing even when in transit. You get that with both its wireless printing and easy document feeder.

  • Compact size and portable
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Good quality prints for both photo and documents
  • Auto-document feeder
  • Extra cost for battery pack
  • Not the fastest in print speed
  • High running costs

The iP110 comes some time before latest models on the market. However, it remains one of the best in both portability and quality. Moreover, it includes features that offer excellent convenience along with the latest wireless printing function. It’s a good portable printer option for both photos and documents.

With excellent print quality and fast, print speeds, Canon’s Pixma iX6820 inkjet business printer works for home and office use. Moreover, this printer covers multiple print sizes, from 3x6” envelopes, 11x17” spreadsheets to large 13x19” presentation charts. Plus, you can print borderless photo prints on this machine with great quality.

When it comes to print quality, you get excellent printing detail with 9600 x 2100 max color dpi. Plus, weighing only 17.9lbs and measuring 23x12.3x6.3”, it doesn’t take up too much space on your home or office desk. It’s not small enough for an on-the-go printer to carry on a backpack, but is small enough to move around.

Print speed wise, the Pixma iX820 is fast and prints up to 14.5ppm on black and 10.4ppm on color printing. It also features PixmaFINE print head technology coupled with genuine Canon photo paper. This means you get quality photo prints that last for up to 300 years. Plus, get to work on those prints wirelessly through any Mac computer via AirPrint, no need for additional drivers.

Finally, users also enjoy its quiet mode when they’re working. This printer prints with zero noise when on light print jobs using small amounts of paper.

Apart from defective units that had trouble with connectivity, there are no notable issues with the printer. Even its few poor reviews give this unit 3-stars.

  • Reasonable price for its feature set
  • Multiple print sizes covered including 13×19” prints
  • AirPrint ready with Ethernet connection option
  • Excellent print quality
  • Quiet mode
  • 150-sheet tray capacity
  • Single paper tray for business use may not be adequate
  • Doesn’t have a duplexer

The iX820 has excellent quality and features that fit a small business and home use very well. This is because it has a 150-sheet capacity tray along with fast print speeds while also delivering quality prints. Many customers also appreciate the multiple print sizes it supports making it a great tool for portfolio building. Overall, it provides great value for its price.

Brother tends to be a go-to brand when it comes to micro businesses. And Brother’s HL-L8360CDW color laser printer also delivers well to its name. For one, this printer supports both wired and wireless connections. And since it’s a color laser printer, you get excellent prints with up to 33ppm in printing speed.

The HL-L8360CDW, though less portable, has a security lock function making it perfect for small businesses and offices. This means an administrator can manage access to printer functions by restricting and regulating access of up to 200 users. This feature is a must-have when it comes to a business environment.

Furthermore, this printer also has an integrated NFC card reader. This means print jobs released can be associated and access through NFC-compatible card badges. It’s an added layer of security that helps control printer access to avoid waste on prints.

In addition to security and reduced waste cost, the HL-L8360CDW works with standard black toner cartridges yielding up to 3,000 pages. As for its color cartridges, the standard yield is high up to 1800 pages.  This makes the printer both secure and economic.

Meanwhile, apart from fast speeds, users easily complete large print jobs with its 250-sheet tray and 50-sheet multi-purpose tray. The machine’s total capacity is expandable and can hold up to 1300 sheets of paper.

A few users encountered constant paper jams though possibly related to usage.

  • High print speeds with up to 33ppm
  • High capacity trays holding up to 1300 sheets
  • Low running cost through high yield cartridges
  • Excellent print quality for documents
  • Reliable security features perfect for small business use
  • Expandable capacity
  • Has a duplexer
  • Not ideal for photo printing
  • No scanning or copying functions

The HL-L8360CDW is an excellent laser printer for small businesses and offices with its high speed and high capacity. However, more than that, its security features allow administrators better control over the printer’s use and avoid waste on prints. Moreover, the low running cost makes it an ideal choice for business use, especially for those with high demand for prints.

Overall, it is well-rounded with the right feature set for a micro business or office.

The Brother HL-L2340DW has great value to offer for its price apart from being AirPrint-enabled. So it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best-selling printers on the market.

Starting with design, the unit is highly portable and small. This makes it easy to place in a small office, since it measures only 14x14.2x7.2 inches. This small footprint doesn’t take up too much space.

Next, this monochrome laser printer prints high-quality pages with speeds of 27ppm. Plus, it offers high capacity with its 250-sheet tray that can hold letter or legal sized paper work.  The HL-L2340DW can also print on other paper sizes, including envelopes, fabric prints and labels easily.

Running cost wise, it gives you quality prints at low running costs and a Toner Save option. This means you can opt to save on toner ink when printing non-critical business documents. This would then stretch the toner’s yield or lets you save on ink supply.

One improvement Brother designed into this unit is a single-line LCD display. This would allow easy navigation through the menu selections. Moreover, they’ve also simplified the wireless setup process allowing easy access to its AirPrint feature.

Some users encountered problems setting up wireless connectivity.

  • Low running cost
  • High print speeds
  • High tray capacity
  • High-yield toner + Toner Save function for more savings
  • Auto-duplexing
  • Monochrome prints only

Overall, the Brother HL-L2340DW offers more than the convenience of wireless printing via AirPrint. You get a reliable unit, with high printing speeds and low running cost. Plus, with its Toner Save feature, you can opt to focus high quality prints on more important documents.

With this printer, you get high quality prints, low printing costs, wireless convenience and reliable support for a good price.


There is wonderful convenience offered by an Air Printer, even more so for printers that have the best feature sets. See, whether you use one for personal use or a small business office these printers have good features to offer. Moreover, each one of our picks is capable of printing high quality prints and some compact enough for on-the-go prints.

The best printer for you will ultimately depend on which one matches your need and budget the most. You may need a portable and reliable photo printer for your personal use or a printer for your small office. Perhaps you’re looking for something in between that prints photos and documents in good quality.

We hope that you find what one that fits those needs from our picks. Have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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